Project Murty Kitchen // BEFORE+AFTER

Transformation Tuesday came a day late!! LOL... 

Check out the kitchen transformation from Project Murty!  Although it's not very noticeable in the "before photos", these kitchen cabinets were a old and dingy shade of cream that actually gave the kitchen a dated feel, paired with the gold and bronze toned countertops, the main goal was to refresh, cool down and bring in the white and grey schematic that The Murty's love.  Paint, countertops and backsplash go a long way! Still swooning over all of the material choices <3

Imagery: Brenda Winburn Photography

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XO Summer

Finding Simplicity In The Details @ Project Murty

Every creative endeavor has its own set of challenges.  The endless supply of colors, textures and fabrics can prove to be an overwhelming sensation leading down dozens of rabbit hole ideas.  A project can literally go ANY direction at ANY time.  While I love the thinking and brainstorming involved in "rabbit holes", I find that a unique vision accompanies each project.  The Murty Project was no exception.

While the words "modern, white and grey" circled the consultation table during my first meeting with Lauren and Josh Murty, the projects "contemporay farmhouse" theme didn't surface until after the vision boards and shopping began.   The one significant vision for this project that I saw early on, was matte black... I knew it would be incorporated in some capacity.  You might remember seeing their vision boards early on? In the living room board I included these super eclectic black and white accent chairs [ which I still LOVE ]. As it turned out, those artsy fartsy chairs were a little toooo funky for Lauren and Josh [ totally understandable ].  Rather than feeling defeated and saying no to this matte black vision all together, I redirected the color into another surface... light fixtures!!! [ insert all the heart eye emoji's! ]

The light fixtures we chose for the Murty's are absolutely STUNNING!!! You can imagine my excitement when I got the approval correspondence to move forward with the purchases for both the foyer chandelier and formal dining room chandelier!  I was literally smiling from ear to ear with excitement. [ I'm telling you... I REALLY LOVE what I do! ] 

In addition to making sure my clients happiness is at the forefront of all I do, I focus on finding pieces who carry their own story vs trying to fill a room with cute things.  At the end of the day, when I design and select the furnishings that will live in a space, there is a constant intentional balancing act that takes place... it's a must for any creative, any designer and any intentional business owner.


So hey!!.... Wanna see how it all came together at Project Murty??!!! Scroll down and take a peak... and IF YOU FIND YOURSELF WANTING TO SEE MORE, head over to Brenda Winburn Photography, she's the lens master extraordinaire!! You can also check out her wedding, portrait and interior work on Instagram >>> @brendamariewinburn