In Search of the Perfect Pinks

I am FINALLY working on re-designing Makena's big girl room!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally turn this into a beautiful little girly retreat for our very special little girly. Pink is her favorite color...everything has to be pink.... her cereal bowl, her spoon, her blankets, her shoes, her socks, her shirt, her stuffed animals... and anytime we go somewhere and she sees something pink she says, "Aaaww!! That's my pink."  LOL... this girl is something else I tell ya :)

To begin a new project I usually have an idea or theme in mind that helps give me some creative ground to stand on.  This initital project phase is super exciting and fun but it can be equally overwhelming.  With so many options for colors, textures, patterns, shapes, etc, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE each piece?? How to do you commit to the projects direction, theme, mood???  

For me, it's about spending A LOT of time in this initial phase which I call the "Vision Phase".  Spending more time here helps to narrow down what I'm looking for, it helps broaden my spectrum of "what I want" or "what the client wants"... it allows more space to think outside the box and let the project take shape in an organic fashion.

Wondering what the initial theme is for Makena's room??? I'll share that it another blog post a couple days from now! [[ what a tease right hahah ]]... But I'm sure you've already guessed that her room WILL have pink in it ;) Any pink fans out there!?!?!?  

Xo Summer

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Photos of Makena by Leah Hardy Photography