An Honest Look At... The Entrance

Ecstatic.  Humbled.  Expectant. Honored. Proud. Thankful.

A breath of emotions accompany the completion of a project.  After hours and hours of brainstorming, sketching, space planning, shopping and envisioning, sometimes you begin to wonder if what your doing is even working...kind of a scary thought right???

It's easy to sit back and critique someones work or ideas; I'll admit, I've done my fare share.  But without seeing all of the hard work, thought and time that is poured into every decision, one might never understand what it takes to land on "completion", to hit the "finish line".

In this Blog post, I want to share an honest, behind the scenes snippet, about how I arrived at the design for the Project Spielman entrance.   

"Creativity is a process that teaches us how to trust ourselves." ~Summer Meddock


The Entrance 

I can't even count how many times I designed this space in my head, on paper, in design programs.  I even purchased furniture and decor specifically for this space that we ended up putting somewhere else or returned.  Actually... it looks nothing like the original plan [[ HAHAHA ]].  With each and every change, I would text the client and ask her thoughts, does she "love it, like it, hate it", does she "need or want" specific items... the communication is instrumental in navigating every phase.  There will always be specific details that I need to stick in my back pocket as a designer and at the end of the day, when I've looked at 50 tables and need to make a decision on one, those details are everything! 

I must say, that with all of those doubts, rearranging of plans, returning of products and sometimes scrambling... like buying curtains during the actual installation [[ yes, this happened ]], I don't think I could fully appreciate the magic of turning my clients house into a home for their family to love and live in for years to come. 

So... without further ado, I invite you to take a scroll through the entrance at Project Spielman.  Just as I would ask my client, If you "LOVE IT, LIKE IT, HATE IT" [[ I hope you don't hate it! ]], then tell me in the comments below. 

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All my best,

Summer Meddock xo


Photography by Hoffmann Photographer