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When making your house a home, consider ways to accentuate the homes built in character as well as ways to add your own character.  One of my all time favorite built in characteristics are exposed beams!! OMGEEEEE do I love these, the more weathered and rustic the better!  If your house currently does not have this character, there is the option of opening your ceiling to expose whats under's not always as simple as it sounds.  There's also the option of adding faux beams....buuut we'll save the beam talk for another day & time :)

One of the most simple ways to add character to your home, is by way of Accent Walls! This is actually one of my FAAAAVORITE ways to add character to a home, or office!  I don't know what it is that makes me all googly eyed, but they just get me [[ siiiiggh ]]. Now, If your wondering "what the heck is an accent wall?"... wellllll, in short, an accent wall is a chosen wall that is visually different than the rest.  Some quick ways to create an accent wall are large art pieces, photo galleries or wall hangings.  There are also more semi-permanent options such as wallpaper, wainscoting, paint, ship-lap, brick and the list goes on!  I love to identify an accent wall with a pop of color OR texture [[ another long "siiiiiiiiggghh" ]].  I could literally go on and on AND ON about accent walls...I'm currently contemplating what to do with our living room wall behind the couch, but that will probably take a million years to decide, so for the time being, let's just look at some of my all time favs!! 








How's that for accent wall yumminess!!!

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xo Summer