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Work that Small Space

My favorite thing [[ ok, maybe I have TWO favorite things ]]  about working with a small space... 1) I MUST think outside the box 2) I ALWAYS stay intentional about where I put something and why

We recently bought our first family home in Westside Costa Mesa which is known for Bungalow style houses [[ in other words, super tiny homes ... like 1 bathroom and no dining room tiny #THINKOUTSIDETHEBOX haha ]] AAAAANNND their larger pieces of land.  For example, our house is about 1,100 sq ft but our property is close to 7,500 sq ft.  LOTS of opportunity for expansion and killer outdoor spaces!  

Soooooo.... we're starting to get settled and I'm in "nest/decorate/fixer upper/DIY/ooooo let's do this and that" mode [[ PS- no, I am not pregnant again haha ... "nest" just sounds nice ]].  I recently updated our teeny tiny one bathroom [[ photos coming soon!!! ]].  The bathroom was totally usable but we needed more storage and wanted to create a more open feel.  I opted for new paint, new paint, new paint, updated hardware, more storage and some other minor fixes.  I basically made it pretty and super functional [[ YIPPEEE!! ]]... Can't wait to share this mini-makeover!

If you are like us and have a small space that needs some updating or rearranging, check out some of these quick tips and inspirational photos to help get you started.  These tips can be applied to small spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, office, loft, den or even larger spaces such as the garage or living room... the goal is to make the space work for you, not the other way around #canigetanAMEN :)


4 QUICK TIPS // small spaces

1) a balance of light & bright colors and bold textures keeps a space open and interesting

2) build up... create storage above doorways, use taller furniture pieces, install cabinetry from floor to ceiling.

book case galore.jpg

3) mirrors are always a great way to give the appearance of a larger space. i love the look of a chunky frame or something with lots of texture or character; you can lean it against a wall, hang it above shelving if you have minimal floor space or set it on top of a console or dresser.

gold mirror.jpg

4) the details matter... the accent rug, the wall decor, the candle on the counter top, the throw pillow and blanket covering the sofa.. it all matters. it's about creating an environment to enjoy.


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