Our Services

WHAT WE DO | Bring new life to existing spaces


We are passionate about recreating and bringing life to existing spaces.  Whether your project calls for interior styling, kitchen remodel, or home renovation,  Meddock Interiors can provide one-on-one consultations, vision & inspiration boards, material samples, contractor and sub-contractor services and access to some of the best engineers, architects & real estate agents in Orange County.

The Process


During our first meeting we are going to discuss your vision & ideas, color likes & dislikes, pictures from Pinterest, magazine cutouts and all other dreams you have.  This is my time to understand your style, preferences and goals. Do you like Mid-Century Modern Design? Do you want to turn your small kitchen into a functioning space for your family? Does the master bedroom need a total makeover to become a relaxing retreat?


We will order product and/or schedule services as decisions are made.  If home modifications such as (but not limited to) paint, new floors, counter tops and cabinets are in the scope of work, these services will not get scheduled until all services are decided on and approved.  This is to avoid potential complications with installation, changes in material selection or inventory issues.


After we’ve established a general direction and scope of work, I’ll create a vision board complete with material samples, color swatches and furniture planning to be reviewed in our second meeting. We’ll most likely need to make a couple adjustments following this meeting; therefore you should anticipate meeting with me a few more times before the work gets started. 


STEP 4  

A projected timeline is established as a guideline.  Further communication will take place to settle on install dates, product delivery, etc. During the "work stage", we communicate as work is completed or when changes need to be made.  Before the project comes to completion, we'll discuss any outstanding items.  A final get together and photography will take place on site upon project completion. 


Learn more about why you can trust Meddock Interiors with the details of your project in our Mission Statement